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Blue Ridge CASA
Digital Interactive Advertisements

Project Background


Blue Ridge CASA, a nonprofit local to Virginia's Blue Ridge region. CASA is dedicated to providing court appointed advocates to foster children
in the area.


Adults aged 21+ who are willing and able to make at least an 18 month commitment to a child or children sponsored by Blue Ridge CASA.


Create a cohesive set of Digital Interactive advertisements aimed at recruiting new volunteers for Blue Ridge CASA.


Fill The Gap

There are nearly 300 children in the region in need of a CASA, but only 52 CASA volunteers -- this gap must be filled.
My team developed a call to action that tugs at the heartstrings of our audience and provides them with trustworthy facts.

Adobe InDesign

Team Members
Nick Lau, Ana Seifert

Deliverables consist of four postable Instagram graphics and were presented to Sherri McKinney-Frantz, CEO of Blue Ridge CASA.

CASA IG Post 1.png
CASA IG Post 4.png
CASA IG Post 3.png
CASA IG Post 2.png
BRC Mockup 1_edited_edited.png
BRC Mockup 3_edited.png
BRC Mockup 4_edited.png
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